5 Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships

5 Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships

Car shoppers have been ranking social networks as crucial to choosing which car dealerships they would like to visit. In fact, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram rank better than the car dealership’s actual website. It has become a habit of online users to do quick Google searches and extensive research before they would make a choice. They would visit review sites and check on feedbacks from actual buyers before they would even consider purchasing an automobile. The same goes with selecting the dealership that they would deal with. Consumers who are looking to purchase are doing their search primarily online. Many of these potential buyers do not even visit car dealerships before buying. Indeed, when it comes to buying, social media sites are significant influencers in a buyer’s decision. Not surprisingly, many car dealerships now understand that they need to integrate social media marketing into their strategies. They have become quite imaginative and creative. Here are the top 5 ways car dealerships use social media marketing:

1. Ramp Up on Their Facebook Campaign.

With 84% of potential buyers on Facebook, it is important to run Facebook ads to reach more people. This will help narrow down your ads to target people who are within your geographic area. You can also specify gender, interest, age, and more.

2. Optimize Twitter for Sales.

Twitter has been proven to drive car sales. So, it continues to be a popular choice when it comes to online marketing. Hundreds of thousands of auto-related tweets are sent out daily. Majority of these tweets are directed at potential car buyers. It is important to use keyword targeting to lead your tweets to your target audience.

3. Reach Out to Potential Buyers on Instagram

More and more millennials are turning to Instagram and leaving Facebook, and these are potential buyers. They are a huge market. Instagram is also an excellent platform for promoting your cars and service. It’s all about taking and sharing pictures that encourage people to react. You can post pictures that would encourage consumers to imagine themselves in a particular moment. This is why it is a great platform for promoting your car dealerships. After all, cars are often part of big moments in people’s lives.

4. Use YouTube in Your Marketing Campaign

84% of car shoppers would often go to YouTube to check out various cars and their features. They seek information regarding safety features, connected devices, and walkarounds. They compare various vehicles and models to make a decision. While you can embed videos on your website, it is a great idea to utilize YouTube to its full potential as well.

5. Use the Full Potential of Pinterest

Many marketers have discovered the marketing potential of Twitter. Although Pinterest is mainly known for having a large female audience, it is now a great marketing platform for the automotive industry. What better way to appeal to your female target market? You can also use it to build your SEO presence by sharing posts on your website, which will then traffic to your site.