Marketing Automation Could Save Your Dealership a Fortune

Marketing Automation Could Save Your Dealership a Fortune

Car Dealership Marketing Automation

Do you want to increase test drive inquiries? Is your marketing campaign effective in reaching out to potential and existing customers? Are you spending a lot of money on marketing? Well, automation can generate leads, increase conversions, and save you a lot of money.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to various platforms, apps, software, and technologies that are designed to help companies market on multiple channels and perform repetitive tasks automatically. With everything working seamlessly, you don’t have to spend so much time and money on marketing. You can focus on generating sales. Automotive marketing relies on two things: the ability to showcase the latest cars and the ability to sustain and maintain an engaging relationship with customers. Both of these things require strategies for them to work, and one of these strategies involves marketing automation for car dealerships.

What Can Car Dealership Marketing Automation Do for You?

For most people, purchasing the perfect car is a long process which involves research, automobile comparisons, and budget consideration without requiring you to spend a lot of money. Marketing automation takes all that into account and gives you an edge over your competition. Automation allows auto dealers to send tailored offerings and personalized communications to potential customers and existing ones. What can automation do? First off, it can increase the request for test drives. You can send out emails to invite potential customers to do a test drive. You can set up automatic alerts so you would be informed of the request for price comparisons. You can send out SMS reminders for scheduled test drives. Automation can help you separate customer according to characteristics. For instance, you can separate private customers from corporate ones. You can identify customers according to interest in funding, loan, or other factors that affect car purchasing decisions. Automation can also be a massive help to a dealership’s sales department. It can identify behavioral profiles and track the behavior of potential leads. Marketing can integrate with social media platforms, and alerts can be set up to detect interests. Lead generation is an enormous part of marketing automation for car dealerships. Automation can help prepare a message for customers making inquiries about an offer. It also helps create a series of messages after a customer subscribes to emails or newsletter. Car dealers will also be able to create recurring messages and segmented newsletters that they can send out automatically to leads.

How to Set Up Car Dealership Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an intuitive tool, mainly based on specific and personalized experiences and responses. What’s fantastic about automation is that you can avoid spam-like messages. They send out well-crafted, informative emails that are geared towards creating leads and maintaining the loyalty of existing clients. Among the most critical automation processes is email automation. It can trigger SMS and voice mails to specific individuals based on their behavior. This automation also involves triggering a conversation.   Marketing automation requires a plan. You need to create a blueprint to guide you through the entire campaign. You have to collect the most relevant points that you want to include in your automated responses, and then you can set up triggers. Triggers are the foundation of any marketing automation for car dealerships. This includes welcome emails, confirmation emails, reconnection emails, and renewal reminders. There are automation services that are available to you. These services could range from free, to mid-tier, to premium. Free service allows you to send out less than 500 emails to your subscribers. This is great for startups, a ‘mom and pop’ kind of business or a small one. If you are an established business, however, you might want to go for mid-tier services. They cater to medium-sized dealerships. However, if you have an in-house marketing team, you need a service that would allow customizations. Premium services are perfect for dealerships that send out thousands of emails regularly. Once you have selected your service, you can then set up the automated messages that your subscribers will receive via email. After you have completed all these processes, you can then measure the result of your campaign. You will need to test and retest your efforts and see the results. You can then refine your messages to make them more persuasive, informative, and concise. Of course, leads do not just come from email marketing. It can also come from social media or even organic searches. It is vital to have an automated system set up to respond to these various segments. By creating different automated responses, your marketing gets easier - the leads funnel themselves right into your door. You can then just focus on moving your leads to the next stage. With car dealership marketing automation, you wouldn’t need to worry about performing repetitive marketing tasks. You and your marketing team can focus on the key aspects of your operations. Automation, when properly used, can generate more leads than you thought possible. If integrated with your social media campaign, it can help create more conversions and strengthen customer loyalty. You can just imagine the amount of money you would be able to save by cutting back on unnecessary tasks and just focusing on making sales.