A car dealership live chat that increases lead conversion rate

On Site & Facebook 24/7 Messenger

Set Show Sold offers instant, real-time sales conversations 7 days a week, 365-days per year right from your automotive dealership website! During open business hours of Operation, customers can still speak with a staff member through our chatbot and when you are closed, Set Show Sold can lead them through checking inventory, scheduling service appointments and even scheduling test drives. Your Business Development Center, Call Center, and/or Internet Manager will never miss a lead again!

Car Sales Lead Generation

Convert your customer’s public Facebook profile information into useable data for instant lead generation. Set Show Sold customer profile can be instantly synced through user updates and input to reflect current consumer behavior, interests and possible fit for new services and products.

Staff Text Alerts

Staff alerts allow you to alert up to 50 staff members, as well as the account holders, whenever a customer fills out a form, leaves a message, schedules a service appointment or test drive, or requests to speak to a staff member. You can modify which staff members receive these alerts, and which alerts should be sent via text. staff alerts are instantaneous so customers aren’t waiting too long and no leads go hours without an answer.

Find My Car

Give your sales team qualified leads. Set Show Sold administrative panel allows control of all aspects of Set Show Sold and allows Staff members to contact your customers, continue conversations, and explore new leads without ever needing to log into Facebook.

Two-Way Text Messaging

Potential customers that don’t have a Facebook account, can utilize the Text Messaging service by clicking the Set Show Sold web site widget that appears on all pages of your dealer web site.

Schedule More Test Drives

The test drive system allows you to capture customer information and build a customer profile, while simultaneously engaging customers and making it easy to schedule a test drive and try out the vehicle of their dreams. It also offers customers information that will help with financing a possible new car by offering finance options and the ability to trade-in, if applicable. Your customers can change their appointments under the “My Appointments” link in Set Show Sold.

Soft Pull Credit Applications

Make it easy for customers to finance their vehicle purchases by submitting their own credit applications. Our control panel allows you to view and manage credit applications from your customers. Your staff will be able to add account notes, print and even pull a soft credit score. You will get a detailed profile of the customer, based on the information they input and the cars they have favorited, to assist with the decision making the process.

Instant Service Requests

Turn your customers into repeat customers by making it easy for them to schedule their own service appointments. Service requests allow customers to pick a time and date for their appointment as well as leave any valuable information about their visit quickly and easily. The option of adding service discounts to service requests makes it easy for customers to remain engaged without the hassle of finding coupons or codes. Your customers can change their appointments under the “My Appointments” link in Set Show Sold.

Data Exports Auto Synced To Your CRM

Your CRM allows for certain data elements, called Leads, to be imported and exported from their system using cleverly crafted XML formatted files. This format is called the Auto-Lead Data Format or ADF. Set Show Sold administrative panel allows you to set your CRM Lead email address and “Auto Sync” your Leads automatically to your CRM when a lead is generated or created. We’ll set this up for you.

Inventory Sync

Your inventory is synced automatically on an hourly basis. A powerful search feature allows you to find vehicles in your inventory through VIN numbers, model, color and more. Inventory Sync includes a feature that automatically notifies Facebook users when their favorited vehicles have a price reduction and if the vehicle is sold the Facebook user will receive a fresh feed of similar vehicles.


Instant two-way communications between your dealership and your customers. Set Show Sold manages and archives chat history, making it easier to address and anticipate customer needs. Combined with Set Show Sold’s 24/7 operation, youll never miss a lead again.

Programmable Website Widget

Customize Set Show Sold widget to the needs of your website by changing the look and feel of the widget. You can modify the widget schedule to change the hours and days your widget is active on your website. You can also activate the Text Messaging and Live Chat services – the quickest way to start increasing your lead count.

Facebook Messages - Text + Voice

Set Show Sold’s messaging allows customers or clients to leave a text message or a voice message when contacting your business. When a new message is received, it notifies all staff members who can then reply via the control panel and without needing to login to messenger. Staff members can then have 1-on-1 messaging with customers. Messages can be archived in the control panel as well as printed or downloaded for alternative archival methods.


Using the customer profile generated through their Facebook profile information, Set Show Sold allows you to collect the important information needed to qualify your customers. The automated functions allow you to never worry about skipping steps during the sales cycle while making your customer feel safe and informed about your services.

Car-buyers are sourcing deals online And the majority of these customers use their mobile phone to research, compare, and identify the right vehicle.

In order to compete, you need to be EVERYWHERE online – with accurate information, that is given to customers instantaneously.

  • Our chat system converts higher than other lead sources because it pre-qualifies buyers.
  • Our server is hosted in the cloud – meaning 99.9% uptime and instantaneous response time.
  • Our second-to-none AI creates more buying opportunities for your store.

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Turn-Key Top Line Growth

We’ve simplified our insane AI to the point that we can get you set up in days to instantly grow your car sales.

Service & Sales

Our automated sequences increase service, sales, and general interest leads with no additional work for your team.

Built In Retargeting

Our sophisticated engine doesn’t just attract and convert leads – it retargets shopper’s who didn’t commit the first time.

No Matter What Cars You Sell Set Show Sold can help you sell them!

Due to our robust system, it doesn’t matter whether you’re selling foreign or domestic, new or used, electric or gas! Our system is completely turn-key for any dealership to gain marginal sales with ease.

Automotive live chat support for all car dealers

Jay Nisbett Founder / CEO

Jay Nisbett founded The 407 Group, Inc. as a full-service marketing agency. After it’s automotive branch outgrew the rest of the company, he combined AI-based tech, marketing automation, and an identified problem in the industry to create Set Show Sold.
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